Smartphone as the router

Nowadays, technology level is so high. There are can be situations, when your home Internet connection failed, but you need to get in the Internet from personal computer/tablet/laptop. Modern smartphones can be used as modem, but you it’s necessary to have mobile Internet on your smartphone. Now let’s talk about it.

How to configure your smartphone as a Wi-Fi router and share Internet to devices.

1) Firstly, you need to open “Applications”.

2) You next step is find and open “Options” in “Applications” folder.

3) In “Options” you need to find and open function “Tethering and portable hotspots”.

4) Now, it’s necessary to tap on ” Portable hotspots configuration”.
There you should add your Wi-Fi network’s name. As example, I would choose “Android”.

5) Then let’s write password, which would be written by people, who want to connect your wireless network. For first time, you should do it from your personal computer.
It’s necessary to do your password harder than 1234 or qwerty1234. Password should be remembered. Better if you write it in your notepad, because it will be useful in future.

6) It’s necessary to save all changes, which you made.
Configuration has made once. Other steps we will do with options, which we set in steps above.

7) In moment when smartphone should be transformed in router, which shares Internet by using wireless network. Just put ticket next to “Mobile hotspot”.

After this moment smartphone receives mobile phone line signal and starts to share it as a wireless network to all computers and mobile devices, which are near from it. Users should know name and password from this network.

Note! you can login to router through ip address and check your wifi password

Password from your Wi-Fi network should be in secret, if you don’t want to share your Internet traffic with unknown people, because only you pay for your mobile Internet.

8) Now, you need to enter on device, which you want to use as connecting device. Here you can see network, which you made in step 4. For me, it’s “Android”, but my smartphone add some characters and final name is “AndroidAP0p00”.

9) Now, you need to connect to this network. For first time, you need to write password, which you wrote in step 5, once. Then your device will connect to wireless network without password writing.
Now, your smatphone shares Wi-Fi and device use Internet, which is shared.

Attention: mobile Internet traffic isn’t cheap pleasure, so you need to spend it carefully and don’t share network name and password to strangers.